About OCMP

OCMP the Owners Corporation Management Portal is the most comprehensive platform for owners corporation management currently available in the market.

It offers a various features including Compliance officer's location & time logs. Easy backoffice management with the action logs, and with a secure user access control that allows the owner corporation manage assign specific user roles to the 3rd party manager & officers.

It allows the OC management to manage their facilities and their booking.

Product Overview


OCMP stands for Owners Corporation Management Portal, a comprehensive portal/application built to help the owners corporation (previously known as Body Corporate) managing few of their common problems - ie.

  • Report and manage Non-Compliance issues
  • Report any complaints or suggestions by the residents
  • Manage facilities ie. Tennis courts, Function rooms, etc
  • Manage bookings for the facilities

Real Time Tracking

The portal has a mobile/table app which allows the non-compliance officers to report issues & log their times. The app tracks the officer's geo location allowing the admin to see the their location almost in real time.


By using the mobile app to start & end their work, portal automatically calculates the timesheet which is downloadable via csv format, minimizing a lot of manual data entry time.


The residents can use the portal to book any facility and manage their bookings. The management can use the booking tool that integrates with the google calendar giving them a clear picture of when & what time which facility is booked or is free.


The platform is packed with a number of amazing features that the owners corporation Management will need in their day to day management activities.

Compliance Management

The platform allows the officer to report the issues with ease and the backoffice personnel can manage the issues easily

Location Tracking

The app tracks the officer's geo locaion and sends that information into the platform, the platform then shows the officer's work location in a map interface

Logging Time

The officer needs to start and end his work from the mobile app, which then automatically creates the timesheet and the management can check that from the web platform

Facility Management

The platform allows the management to add their facilities into the system and can configure the timeslots, off hours and even dependencies upon another facility

Booking Management

The residents can use the web & the mobile app to book any facility and can manage the cancellation etc. The booking could also be integrated with a given google account and can get the booking calender both in the platform as well as in the google account

Code for website

The booking form and the issue reporting form are available in plain HTML code which could be just copied and pasted in any other web pages and it will work as a charm